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Should I let my house?
If you have to move in the near future, for whatever reason, think carefully before selling your home. Letting is a very attractive option:

Should I buy to Let?
Purchasing an Investment Property is a big step, so before you commit yourself to a property, especially if this is your first venture why not consult the experts Naas Property Management for their specialist and expert advice. Please feel free to contact us and we will advise on the following:

A core element of NAAS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT'S business is residential letting; our service is personal yet professional and we take great care to understand the needs of the Landlord.

We will be pleased to visit your property to advise you on the market rent for your property. Rents are payable by the tenant monthly in advance to our client account. You will be paid directly from this account and we will prepare a monthly income and expenditure invoice. This will be sent to you on a monthly basis.

We collect a deposit of one months rent from the tenant to safeguard against damage. At the end of the tenancy we will inspect the property and the costs of any work attributed to the tenant will be deducted from the deposit.

We will endeavour to find the most trustworthy and reliable tenants possible for your property and take up full references prior to any tenancy commencing.

We will prepare a lease agreement to suit your particular circumstances. In general this will be for a period of 12 months unless otherwise agreed prior to the lease commencement date.

Utility Services
The payment of refuse collection charges, heating, electricity, cable T.V. and telephone bills are the responsibility of the tenants.

You are responsible for all repairs to the property with the exception of breakages caused by the tenants. Small repairs can be carried out by our contractors, or ones nominated by you, and their charges deducted from your account. We will always ask for instructions before commencing any large scale repairs. We do not make a profit on maintenance carried out by our contractors.

From the total rent received in a tax year you can normally deduct, for tax purposes, the following:

You then pay tax on the remainder of the rent.

Buildings and Contents Insurance
NAAS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT will not take any responsibility for Landlords building/contents insurance on the property. We would advise all landlords to contact their broker in this regard. Tenants will also be advised upon commencement of their lease to arrange for their own contents Insurance.

Our fees for managing the property are some of the most competitive to be found. For these fees we will:

We also provide a 'LET ONLY' service where full management is not required.